Coming Soon: Matt's Music Manager - MuMan®

- A new Music Library Manager for WAV/FLAC/OGG/MP3/M4A/WMA files.
- Designed for users of a real HiFi, who have huge libraries of tracks stored in the lossless WAV or FLAC format.
- Simple, un-cluttered user interface.
- Handles hundreds of thousands of tracks fast, on a local or removable drive.
- Integrated CD Ripper with error detection and CD Player.
- Integrated Music Player with editable cue list.
- Choose Album Art from Internet using built-in browser.
- Sorting, filtering, import/export, playlists, and backup/restore.
- FreeDB, MusicBrainz and Discogs access.
- Track rating, genre and mood.
- Available in many languages, English, French, German, Swahili, Rhyming Slang, ...
- Everything you have always dreamed of, and it won't be expensive...


The integrated CD Ripper (MuRip) recognizes the CD and downloads the album, artist and track information from the Freedb or MusicBrainz servers, and you can choose the Album Art from images selected from the Internet. CD read errors are detected using an advanced waveform analysis algorithm, and can be viewed and played with the Waveform View, see below.


MuRip's waveform view shows the samples in red where read errors were detected. You can play them to see if they are audible, usually they are not. Click on the waveform to start playing from that point. Error recovery features will soon be implemented - and these will actually work - unlike some other rippers that you may have used. For example, EAC does not work, WM player has no error detection at all and will rip unplayable tracks without notification, ...


Here's what people are saying about Matt's Music Manager

"Never heard of it."
Bill Gates, Microsoft

"Your'e not still working on that bloody thing are you!?"

"Dad! Turm that awful music off, I can't stand it!"
Daughter (18)

"Beam me up a copy of Matt's Music Manager, Scotty!"
Captain James T Kirk, USS Enterprise (Episode 647)

"Absolutely amazing! We'll give you $30 billion for the distribution rights."
FICL (Foolish Investors Consortium Limited)